Prevent Outages from Vendor Bugs

BugZero decreases risk and increases IT Operational Resilience by integrating with your ITSM tool to collect, filter, correlate, and track non-security bugs specific to your vendor products

Operational Resilience

What We Do

  • Operational Defects

  • IT Vendor Bugs

  • Availability Risks

  • Integrity Risks

  • Prevent IT Outages

What We Don't Do

  • CVEs

  • Security Vulnerabilities

  • Confidentiality Risks

  • Prevent Security Breaches

  • Track your internally developed bugs

Have you ever...

had your data corrupted from a



Operational Resilience

Take Proactive Action

Make informed decisions based on bug criticality and take action to prevent vendor bugs from causing downtime

Increase Infrastructure Stability

Identify critical bugs before they impact infrastructure and disrupt business operations

Assess Operational Risk

Understand the risk matrix with multiple vendors and disparate devices critical to the operation of your infrastructure

Boost Operational Readiness

Tickets containing vendor bug details are created in your ITSM tool based on pre-defined criteria, allowing IT Ops to track and prioritize remediation activities

BugZero is the only solution preventing downtime due to operational defects

Security Vulnerabilities

Operational Defects

BugZero Venn Diagram

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